Create your sales assistant tool
using CalcWheel
Company growth typically depends on number of won deals. And it is crucial to win them fast. CalcWheel Sales Assistant will help you shorten the sales cycle and make the communication with your customers more effective and profitable for both of you.

How CalcWheel sales assistant will help you?

We save your time
Using CalcWheel sales assistant tool you can create your personalized sales assistant with phenomenal time to market. You can make any changes on your product definition or pricing schemes whenever you want, with just a few clicks and without any coding.

We save your money
We know programming is expensive and not all companies can afford it. That is why we have created a solution that totally replaces programmers, but is much cheaper.

We know what you need
CalcWheel sales assistant is made for companies that need to sell more and do it fast. We have designed a solution for companies offering complex products with frequent updates. CalcWheel sales assistant is here to make the whole sales process easy, fast and efficient across all sales channels.

Our solution is for business professionals
We know that no one can develop products better than the professionals. That is why we have created a solution for business professionals and not for programmers.

The simple and user-friendly interface, familiar tools and supporting documents accompanying the whole process make it simple for professionals to develop new product with the skills they already possess.

Follow 4 steps to create your intelligent sales assistant.

We know you want to guide your sales reps
Using CalcWheel Sales Assistant you can access all your sales agents from the same platform and easily create a network of sales agents all over the world. Keep them informed about the latest updates and get informed from them from one platform.

CalcWheel sales assistant will also guide your sales reps through the whole sales process generating the right questions to ask to the customer and nullify the probability of making mistakes while selecting the right product feature combination and calculating quotes.

We are in Salesforce
We know that majority of companies are in Salesforce, so we made our top priority to offer our services on Salesforce. With CalcWheel Intelligent Sales Assistant app, integrated to Salesforce platform, you can generate questions, instantly get quotes and choose the right product feature combination to offer to your client.

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