Create your price comparison engine
using CalcWheel
If you are an entrepreneur willing to occupy a niche in dynamically growing online price comparison business, CalcWheel price comparison engine builder is a blessing for you.

How CalcWheel price comparison engine builder will help you?

We save your time
Using CalcWheel price comparison engine builder you can create your online price comparison engine with phenomenal time to market. You can make any changes on your product definition or pricing schemes whenever you want, with just a few clicks and without any coding.

Our solution supports any degree of complexity.

We save your money
We know programming is expensive and not all start-upers can afford it. That is why we have created a solution that totally replaces programmers, but is much cheaper.

We know what you need
CalcWheel price comparison engine builder is made for entrepreneurs with limited budget, who want to start up a price comparison website for complex products/services (e.g. insurance, financial services, TV and broadband, etc.). CalcWheel price comparison engine is here to make the price comparison engine creation and maintenance easy, fast and efficient.

Our solution is for business professionals
We know that no one can develop products better than the professionals. That is why we have created a solution for business professionals and not for programmers.

The simple and user-friendly interface, familiar tools and supporting documents accompanying the whole process make it simple for professionals to develop new product with the skills they already possess.

Follow 4 steps to create your online price calculator.

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