CalcWheel Intelligent Sales Assistant

What is CalcWheel Intelligent Sales Assistant?
CalcWheel Sales Assistant is an application integrated to Salesforce app exchange platform that will guide your sales reps through the whole sales process generating right questions to ask to the customer, selecting the right product feature combinations according to the customer’s answers and instantly calculating quotes.

Built on is the platform that powers Salesforce CRM and hundreds of thousands of other cloud-based apps. Whether or not sales organizations are running, CalcWheel Sales Assistant app for Salesforce is the ideal way to automate the customer questioning process, accelerate the quote-to-cash process and revenue.

How will it help you?

We save your time
Using CalcWheel Sales Assistant app your sales reps will spend more time on selling rather than making right product combinations and calculating prices. You can make any changes on your product definition or pricing schemes whenever you want, with just a few clicks and without any coding and the questionnaire will be generated automatically.

We know what you need
CalcWheel sales assistant is made for companies that need to sell more and do it fast. We have designed a solution for companies offering complex products with frequent updates. CalcWheel Intelligent Sales Assistant app is here to make the whole sales process easy, fast and efficient across all sales channels.

Our solution is for business professionals
We know that no one can develop products better than the professionals. That is why we have created a solution for business professionals and not for programmers.
  • Nullify the probability of making mistakes in selection of the right product parameters and in quote calculation
  • Empower your sales team to give quotes to the customer even in situations where pricing criteria are not set
  • Make personalized offers with the optimal prices to your customers
  • Change pricing mechanisms and update product descriptions whenever you want, with just a few clicks
CalcWheel’s unique technology calculates product’s price ranges even when questions are not answered yet. The price range is narrowed to the final price through sequentially generated questions that should be answered by the customer. You just need to define product price calculation schemes and CalcWheel intelligence will do the rest.

If you are selling products with prices that depend on client’s parameters and optional needs, CalcWheel Intelligent Sales Assistant app is the best solution for you (e.g. insurance, financial services, tourism, etc.).

How it works?
Please fill out the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible for further details.

We will define your product price calculation schemes for free if you buy more than 5 licenses. Just send us detailed information about your product pricing mechanisms and our professional support team will do the rest for you.

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