through calculation

CalcWheel is an innovative cloud based product definition tool and search & recommendation engine that can be used to create an online price calculator, price comparison engine or a sales assistant tool.

CalcWheel was built around a technology that is a result of many years of heterogeneous knowledge modeling and system development experience applied in diverse fields of business. Our programmers created an engine that allows companies with multi-parameter products and complex prices to communicate with their customers efficiently through price calculation and comparison.

We believe that every company selling products/services online should be able to create online price calculators and price comparison engines that will “speak” to their customers in a personalized and efficient manner, making online shopping both easy and enjoyable.
All this is achieved without any knowledge of programming: we created a solution for business professionals, not developers.

Using CalcWheel you can create your online price calculator, price comparison engine or sales assistant tool minimizing costs and development risks, increasing your revenue and customer satisfaction with phenomenal time to market.

And our people? We’re a team dedicated to our customers’ success, ready to listen and innovate to make sure CalcWheel offers the most user-friendly, results-producing, killer websites on the market.

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